Hello, I am in my late twenties, just trying to live again. I absolutely love to read, write, dance, long walks and listen to music. Often you can find me reading one thing or the other. I adore mythologies, of any kind. I am extremely shy and on top of that, an introvert. It’s really hard for me to connect to people, even online. Yes, almost laughable, isn’t it?

I haven’t done much writing with proper intent before but I have just started doing so in the last few weeks. I am extremely new to this and it would show. I have had depression for about ten years now and my anxiety has it’s good days and bad. I am currently unemployed and in search for a job that won’t make me quit in a fit of panic. It’s happened before and it’s never pretty, trust me on that.

In any case, I am here because I felt it was high time I started a proper blog. There’s not much to say about me, I suppose. I have hopes that I would post daily and that it could be about anything. From my own life to mental health to fantasy to my favourite music. I am a bit random and odd like that. I don’t have anything set in terms of how I want my blog to be but one thing I would want is that whenever someone comes and reads, they find something that’s relatable, and if not relatable then at least amusing.


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